Financial Services CRM

From the very first Lead through to Income & Commissions, we have it covered.

The most important thing about a CRM is that it is easy to use. This software has been built by a Financial Advisor, for Financial Advisors.
We have ensured that things have not been added for the sake of it, you have exactly what you need and that very little training is required.

Financial Services CRM

Firstly, this software has been built to track business from the very first lead, through to completion and payment for both Advisors and Introducers.

Leads are kept separate to Clients and all new business will be a ‘Lead’ before it is converted to a ‘Client’. Once a client has been created, any future business will entered into the client record and you can quickly see how many products they have taken out through yourself – Mortgages, Protection, Investment and Other.

The software has links to book Appointments through Outlook (pre-populating necessary information) and provides you with click to call (for use with VOIP phone systems), click to email and click on a clients address to see a map/street view of the property in Google Maps.

3. CRM

Each product screen available (Mortgage, Protection, investment and Other) has been custom built to remove the requirement to have a paper file. You can of course still have one, but when chasing your business through to completion, every detail that you need can be found on our product screens, including a dynamic provider lists.

All notes are time, date and user stamped, with each product (and commission/fees) automatically being pulled through to your ‘Pipeline Tracking’. This is where you will be able to see how much money you have in your pipeline (individually or as a business) and as you mark items as paid, everything will be updated on all screens.

As you work through your leads and pipeline, one of the main things to do is to update the ‘Status’ of each case. This is a simple drop down list, containing options like: Appointment Booked, Fact Find Completed, Mortgage Offered, Letter Of authority Signed, Signed Up and Completed – to name a few.

By following this simple process, the software will automatically send email updates to introducers on your behalf. It will then continue to keep them informed all the way through, until the case is completed. This will also update the Introducer APP and the External Portal ( providing updates on the status of their referral. They will be able to see any commission that may be due and the software will calculate that commission without you needing to do anything.

By changing a mortgage status to Completed, it will automatically build a Remortgage book for you and email you when you need to make calls in the future and providing stats on lender %, advisor % and total value.

4. Actions

Actions can be set on both Leads and Products. These Actions can be set for any person in your organisation and can be set for any future date with notes added to suit. To ensure simplicity, only one action is allowed on each Lead or Product and this can be amended as and when required to allow cases to be passed backwards and forwards  between Admin and Advisors, appearing in their workflow.

Each time an Action is set, it is date, time and user stamped in the notes section, for tracking and accountability in the future. These actions in turn build workflows on Leads and Products and allow Advisors and Admin staff to simply chase their daily actions and ensure that any work that needs to be done, gets done.

The Outcome

By having all your product and client information in one easy to use screen, then setting Actions on Leads and Products, you will be able to improve efficiency in processing cases.

The software will give Administrators, Advisors and Business Manangers a full view of pipeline business and either their own, or everyone’s level of outstanding Actions and future workloads.

By seeing all this data in one place and being able to filter this to see the information you want/need, it will effectively help you manage yourself or your entire team with ease and make everyone’s lives easier.

Do you currently know exactly what work you or your team have on? Do you know how many leads or clients you or your team need to follow up? Let us help you take full control of your business and watch the benefits unfold.

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