Introducer Lead Management

From the very first Lead through to Income & Commissions, we have it covered.

Making it as easy as possible for Introducers to refer you new clients is key to receiving a steady flow of incoming leads and achieving growth in your business. Keeping them informed on any commissions coming their way will also really help to build a mutually beneficial long term relationship.

External Lead Portal & APP

Introvice users can recommend their Introducers download our ‘My Business Leads’ APP from the App Store and Google Play to get set up in seconds and start to pass you leads, track their progress and monitor their commission. Alternatively they can log in to Business Tracking online where they will be able to do exactly the same and Business Owners will be able to access even more information about additional revenue coming their way in the form of Introducer Commission.

You can determine exactly how you reward your Introducers, with different arrangements for each one if you prefer. Introvice gives you complete flexibility and also allows your Introducers to be split into Business Owners and Agents so that each Business Owner can decide what they hand down to their Agents, versus what the business keeps for itself.

1. Leads

Leads can be added to the portal by introducer’s either via the online portal ( or by using our APP. Each lead is then allocated to the advisor with the least amount of leads so far for the month (who sells the product that the lead is for), or the introducer can select an advisor of their choice.

Once a lead is submitted, the system will email the introducer to confirm which advisor the lead has been assigned to and also emails the advisor to request they call the ‘New Lead’. Each introducer is linked to a branch of your company, so if you have multiple locations, leads will go to the correct advisors in the correct branches.

You are able to design and build an unlimited number of your own commission structures,  and relate them to different introducers. Introducers can be paid on leads, completions, both or nothing. You can agree to pay either a % or a £ amount for these options and either direct to individuals or through the introducing business.

The commissions will build throughout the month and are visible for select people to see, with the option to pay all, or select certain beneficiaries at any point within the month. A report is then produced detailing who you need to pay and how much – this can then be uploaded to your bank or paid online. The system automatically generates online commission statements for every introducer.

2. Updates

It is extremely important to stay in touch with your introducers and show them that you are working on their leads. We all appreciate that effective lead management will convert more business and produce higher commission payments.

As well as initially emailing the introducer which advisor their lead has been assigned to, the system will automatically notify them every time the status of their lead has changed. For example: Appointment Booked, Fact Find Completed, Signed Up, Mortgage Offered, etc.

By keeping the introducer informed throughout the process, they always keep you in mind and are more likely to submit more leads to you. Having this system automated helps to make your life easier.

The Result

Our users have confirmed that by using our software to manage introducer relationships, they are seeing a considerable uplift in leads. Leads or commission payments can no longer be missed or forgotten about.

Advisors and Business Managers can also see the status of their leads and are able to set follow up ‘actions’ to ensure no opportunity is ever missed.

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